Joy of Meeting A Stranger

“The run already started ah,” he asked.
I said “Yes yes. I just finished.”
Then he told me he just woke up and missed the run.
His children told him not to join but he insisted. When he knew he missed the event, he said to me “It’s okey, there’ll be another event next time.”
“I got to go first and look around. I’ll see you next time,” he said.
“Uncle, can I take photo with you?” I asked.
Ya ya sure, he said. I took out my phone and he did the same. So, we both have the same photo on each handphone.
“I’m Mr. Lam.”
“I’m Kenny, Uncle. Nice meeting you.”
Then, my girlfriend who took the photo asked “You know him?”
I said no, I just knew him.
Then she said “I thought you two know each other and met before during your run training.”
Ahhh…that’s the joy of meeting a stranger. It was there at the running event. #AllianceBankSabahCoastalRun


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