Right Here Right Now – Likas Bay 1st Check In

So, today’s run started when I asked Mr. Hubby to drop me at the roadside of Likas Bay. We were from my office after my working hour. We left the building around 4.50pm. The plan was to ask Mr. Hubby, the driver to drop me at Likas Sports Complex (the PURPLE shape) and we’ll meet again somewhere near to the playground at Tun Fuad Stephens Road (the BLUE shape). But we changed the plan. Mr. Hubby dropped me near around the LOVE mark and I started my run there. Ah, I’ve included a Google map so you have some ideas what I am talking about 🙂

Google Map

Google Map

It was a great run but I felt little bit weaker. I did a slower pace today. Dazeree told me that my body is still learning how to use the energy efficiently. And I think it was only my 3rd run, so yeah my body will get it right soon.

At Likas B

At Likas Bay/Tanjung Lipat

I don’t really bother about the speed or whatever it is. As long as I know that I did a run. I don’t delay. I don’t give excuse. I plan and I do it. Dream will only be a dream when I don’t work it into reality, yes? So, don’t give excuses when you can do it right here right now. 🙂

Besides working on the running matters, I am also working on fixing my Diastasis Recti (DR). I have to do side planks, squats and wall push up. These are the exercises advised by Dazeree and from my Google reading, too. I think I will stick with Side Planks from Yoga practices and will see the progress from there. I am also working on the Shoulder Opening routine, also from my favorite teacher Esther Ekhart on Youtube. I’m taking the 3-weeks challenge for this routine. Argh, please please remind me to get done with the chart and stick on the wall!

So basically, in the morning I will:
Do Sun Salutation, Side Planks, Squats, Wall Push Up.

In the evening I will:
Do Side Planks, Squats, Wall Push Up and Shoulder Opening routine.

I have shorter time to do all these. Taking all the extra time and to make it happen. No excuse, just do it.