Medal – Alliance Bank Sabah Coastal Run 2015


One day before the run.

Me: I am nervous for the run. Demmit. It’s like getting married; my heart is pounding.

My good friend: One of the factor for business failure is lack of self confidence because not equipped with proper experience and product knowledge.

In your case, you are well prepared, have good knowledge of your run, so be brave and run for your medal.

Take it positive, your heart is pounding because it can’t wait to receive the medal.

Remember, you are running not to finish the race but to finish your commitment, replenish your energy and renew your passion. I wish you good luck.


With this medal, I feel like singing Let It Go. And to the sea gypsy kids in Lahad Datu, today’s 12km run I dedicate to all of you.

I think I’ve made it 1 hour 45 mins. I lost the activity on my RunKeeper app coz’ I didn’t save it. Too excited to take off the arm band and take photo. Grrr.