Do The Walking, Climb Up The Stairs

It has been raining since I left my office few hours ago. I can easily choose to roll on the bed, doing nothing, and just to enjoy the cold outside. No. That’s lazy and not productive at all. I choose to update the blog before doing my workout later.

Today is my rest day from running. I’ll run tomorrow and I hope it won’t rain.

Since I know I am not running, I did the walking, and climbed up the stairs to my office this morning. My first check in at the office’s stairs. I counted them and there were 180 stairs to the 9th floor. It took me more than 3 minutes. My colleague commented the Instagram photo I shared on Facebook. “I did 1.43mins,” Vicky said.

Well, I am very positive that I will see my own progress later on.

First check in – 180 stairs, easy pie!

You can do it, too! But, if you don’t like the stairs, you can choose to walk. I did my first walk logged into my RunKeeper app. Oh, thanks to my plan to go and buy my monthly parking ticket. By just doing that, I did 3.23km walk today. Adding miles day by day! And, when I went back to the office, I climbed up the stairs again. In total, I’ve made 360 stairs today!

3.23km walk

3.23km walk

My plan tomorrow is – to do 500 stairs!

Remember this, when you don’t run, do the walking and look for stairs. Good luck!