1st – 11th January #100DaysOfMiles Challenge

So, I made 20.7km for the first 11 days of the year at different places, days and times.

I’m taking up the #100DaysOfMiles Challenge. You can find it on Facebook. Here’s my record.

Day 1/100 : 2.31km on 1st January
Day 2/100 : 3.34km on 3rd January
Day 3/100 : 3.54km on 5th January
Day 4/100 : 1.9km on 7th January
Day 5/100 : 5.55km on 8th January
Day 6/100 : 4.06km on 10th January

I run with my RunKeeper App to record them.

I am so happy to see the progress. Run for fun, I think that’s pretty much the theme. Don’t really care about the pace, miles or even the timing. I just run. I am excited for this Sunday. I’ll be running 12k for my first event. It’s the Alliance Bank Sabah Coastal Run 2015. I am excited! Good luck to all of you who are joining the run, too. See you there!